Good News! Assam’s Dwijing Festival wins 5 awards at WOW Awards Asia-2020

GUWAHATI: The fourth edition of the Dwijing Festival with over 15 lakh tourists attending the 12-day event has emerged as the winner in five categories at the prestigious WOW Awards Asia, 2020, reported news agency ANI.

The awards were won in the below-mentioned categories:

  1. Rural Activation of the year.
    2. Special Event of the Year for Government/Federation/Association.
    3. Rural Engagement Property of the Year.
    4. Business/B-2-B/Knowledge-Exchange Property of the Year.
    5. Special Event of the Decade.

The Dwijing Festival is an annual river festival celebrated in the BTAD region of lower Assam with various colourful events viz. ethnic trade and food festivals, exhibitions, games & sports, river campaign & adventure activities, and various cultural programs that make it a center of attraction and the New Year Festival.

The festival is organized with the vision to encourage tourism, boost the will of the promising indigenous talent, and promote local products. The festival was also meant to provide help to the flood victim families through charity generation and distribution.

“The Assam Tourism had worked closely with the Dwijing Festival Organising Committee and Bodoland Tourism to make the fourth edition of the Dwijing Festival a great success. It is really humbling to know that WOW Awards Asia 2020 has acknowledged and recognized the dedication and hard work put in by everyone involved. We will continue our efforts to make Dwijing Festival a big success each year,” said Chandan Brahma, Minister of Tourism on the recognition.

 The fourth edition of the Dwijing Festival was graced by the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, and the Finance Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, and other eminent dignitaries.

The award-winning fourth edition of Dwijing Festival was organized by the Dwijing Festival Organising Committee under the guidance and leadership of the Minister of Tourism, Chandan Brahma, and in association with Assam Tourism and Bodoland Tourism.

The event was executed and managed by Length Breadth Height Productions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai headed by Saurav Takyar and Gaurav Takyar.


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