Bongaigaon DC visits Milk Processing Plant at North Salmara

Guruttopurna Desk: Bongaigaon deputy commissioner (DC) Dr. M.S. Lakshmi Priya, on Monday morning visited the Milk Processing Plant at North Salmara which is almost ready for starting service very soon.

The processing capacity of the plant is 5000 liters per day which could be extended up to10,000 liters later if required.

“The plant will operate by procuring milk from 21 nos. of primary dairy cooperative societies which are already been operational in the district in the milk potential villages connecting around 1000 to1100 nos. of farm families.This plant will run by a people’s organisation i.e. a District Milk Union consisted of the presidents of the above primary dairy cooperative societies and therefore the plant will cater directly to those 1000 no.s of farm families,” stated in an official statement.

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